A Backyard Apiary
in Hamden, CT

Raw honey, handmade soap, and natural BOB Sticks (beeswax, oils, & butters), brought to you by the bees and flowers at 130 Lincoln Street, Hamden, CT

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Local Honey

Our six to eight gentle beehives forage for nectar and pollen from native plants in the neighborhood to produce a pure, and truly local, honey.

Meet The Beekeeper

As a lifelong gardener with an interest in science and biology, Lauren Doninger considered raising honey bees for decades. In 2016, she decided to go for it.

Today, Lauren single-handedly manages 6-8 hives behind her yellow house in Hamden. She maintains the hive boxes, sets swarm traps, harvests and extracts honey, and makes gentle soaps and BOB sticks with the leftover beeswax.

Beekeeping is a difficult and rewarding hobby, and Lauren is grateful for the resources, support, and community of the Connecticut Beekeepers Association.

When she’s not beekeeping, Lauren teaches Psychology at Gateway Community College, raises puppies on behalf of Guiding Eyes for the Blind, and enjoys time with her family and friends on Cape Cod.

Spring and Fall honey side by side

The color of honey depends on the source of nectar that the bees are foraging. Check out the difference between our spring (left) and fall (right) honey.

queen bee surrounded by worker bees in comb

A strong queen bee regulates the unity of the entire colony. She determines the hive’s gentleness, resistance to mites, and honey production.

crystallized honey jar

Raw honey never goes bad. While it will naturally crystallize over time, you can return it to liquid form with a warm water bath. Never boil or microwave honey. YHH honey might be crystallized when you buy it - we do not melt the crystals as we do not want to put any heat on the honey. If you get a bottle that is crystallized, you know it's real, raw honey! If you're using it to cook (or in tea) the crystals will naturally melt. If you do not want the crystals - gently warm it up.

Yellow House Goods

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Pure, Raw Honey

Our raw, local honey is coarsely-strained and never heated (so you might see crystals) for delicious, pure, and pollen-rich results.

1/2 lb Jar - $8
1 lb Jar -  $12
2 lb Jar - $22
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A slice of pure, unfiltered honeycomb, built directly in the container by the bees. Includes 8 oz or more of liquid honey.

$18 - SOLD OUT
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Creamed Honey


Lauren’s favorite! 100% natural, never heated, honey, whipped into a smooth and creamy texture. Great on toast or with a cheese plate. 14 oz jar.

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Artisan Soap

•  $6 each
•  $25 for 5

Gentle artisan soap, made from saponified oils (castor oil, coconut oil, shea butter, olive oil, lard, beeswax), fragrance and/or mica.
goat milk and vegan soaps are also available.

How to Shop

We only sell our goods in-person. Discover two ways to shop.

honey stand

Self-Service Honey Stand

Stop by 130 Lincoln Street, Hamden. The stand is on the side porch (visible from the driveway). There is a light switch on the left as you enter the storm door.

Payment information is on the stand. Leave cash, check to YHH, or pay via Venmo: @Lauren-Doninger (scout’s honor!)

Or, text your order to Lauren at (860) 690-6121. She will confirm your order details and let you know when it’s ready to pick up.

Swing by the self-service stand at your convenience!
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Hamden Town Center Park

Visit Yellow House Honey at the Hamden Town Center Park events over the summer.

Contact Us

Yellow House Honey
130 Lincoln Street
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Get Directions(860) 690-6121Lauren@YellowHouseHoney.com

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